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Teddy Roosevelt was one of the most prolific U.S. President to ever take office. His contributions to his country, along with the story of his life, make for a tale of a true American hero.




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This Web Site is dedicated to our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt.  We hope that you find some information here helpful on your search for information on this extraordinary American.




Teddy Roosevelt Picture of the Week:

Photo Sent By:  Louise Venable

Ms. Louise Venable's great grandfather took TR hunting in Louisiana in 1903.

Thank you so much Louise for this great picture!

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Theodore Roosevelt, or "Teddy Roosevelt", was the 26th President of the United States.  A Nobel Peace Prize winner, an accomplished author, hunter, explorer, Teddy Roosevelt mastered many arts during his lifetime.  Few presidents were so beloved while they were in office.  Even fewer make for as interesting a study as Teddy Roosevelt does nearly 100 years after he left the office.  Teddy Roosevelt also left us with numerous gifts to remember him by--several of our national parks. 


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Date: Thursday, May 05 2011

Teddy Roosevelt | 26th President of the United States

Name: trent kleen Date: Wednesday, Apr 06 2011

Do you guys have anything about the Conservationist and his & teddys plan for it???

Name: trent kleen Date: Tuesday, Apr 05 2011

nice job i think you did awsome he is my favorite president i think that he is awsome big man on the block